Wastyn & Associates is dedicated to improving life in the community by helping non-profit organizations make their ideas happen.

Today, non-profit organizations today work in an environment of rising costs, uncertain funding, and increasing demand for services. In this environment, organizations need to learn ways to work smarter.

Organizations who clearly define their niche, focus on their mission, identify their clients' needs now and in the future, and successfully diversify their funding streams will more likely survive. Wastyn & Associates helps organizations succeed in these key areas with integrated services that help organizations better serve their clients with careful planning, development, implementation and stewardship consulting and services that let the organization do what it does best - make ideas happen.

Our Integrated E4 Process© allows you to figure out where your organization is today and articulate where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. Then, we help you get there and evaluate your results. While other fundraising consulting firms offer similar kinds of advice and consultation, few will take an organization through all four phases and none offers the level of personalized wealth identification with individualized and in-depth prospect profiles or comprehensive grant development services that we provide.

Non-profit staffs are busy meeting their clients' needs in an increasingly competitive environment. Let Wastyn & Associates partner with you to take on the additional tasks necessary to fully develop and implement a new project, whether you are planning for a fundraising campaign, introducing a new service, or expanding your current donor base.  

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